Omni-channel Experience – A Circular Brand Messaging and Promise

You may have seen a concept “Omnichannel experience” recently appearing in business descriptions. What is an omnichannel (also spelled as  omni-channel) and what is the role of technology in this concept?

Omnichannel experience is about connecting the dots in the consumer’s path in the brand discovery and purchase decision making. Some of the discovery takes place online, whether a website, app, and social media. Some of it takes place in person, visiting a brick-and-mortar store, a pop-up store, or a booth in an industry conference. Some of it has also been materialized by experiencing the brand and product.

To put to context, a surprising report recently came out about Generation Z’s evolving shopping habits. The study states that the online savvy Generation Z increasingly prefers brick-and-mortar shopping and brand experience. This generation is also reported to prefer the convenience of online experience, and its decisions are driven by online brand messaging. This generation is not about to make an either/or dichotomic decision, but is influenced by the consistent brand messaging, and brand promise.

In an omnichannel framework, this consumer needs to be presented a seamless and consistent brand messaging in each brand interaction point, and these points need to supply a cohesive strategy to direct the point of sale whether online or in person. The consumer may be offered an email marketing message to promote in-store shopping, a custom social media adds to drive the sale, and an online store experience that promotes in-person shopping. A business that operates in an omnichannel space does not approach online store and brick-and-mortar stores as separate experiences, or as targeted to different audiences or niche markets. The business operates in a seamless circular ecosystem where opportunities can be captured in various channels online and in-person.

Interaria focuses on creating seamless digital solutions in the omnichannel landscape. We are brand design and brand messaging driven web and mobile application agency. Our solutions need to integrate the brand, and never isolate the brand experience.


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