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Our Software Coding is Based on Years of Experience and Expertise.

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Our software engineering is based on solid experience. We always recommend choosing a programming language that allows your software to be easily scalable and is most suitable to the type of application you are developing. We will walk you through on pros and cons on any language so that you can make an educated decision on how your software is engineered. Below are some languages we are very familiar with.

PHP/MySQL is a dynamic programming language for developing database driven content rich Web and mobile applications. PHP and MySQL are open source computer programming languages which means that thousands of developers and software engineers worldwide contribute to the development of the language, making it richer, more adaptable and more dynamic than any other database coding language combination. Companies and institutions worldwide are choosing to develop their web and mobile media content and applications utilizing PHP. For instance, Meta supports and utilizes PHP and has also contributed back to its development. Developing PHP web applications doesn’t require entering into any expensive licensing contracts.

We can utilize an existing PHP framework such as Laravel. Developing an app in an existing framework can save time as it may reduce certain documentation tasks and reduce dependencies.

Bootstrap offers a great framework for creating responsive apps. We recommend exploring those options.

Many recent web application are coded with jQuery, a prototype-based programming language used to enhance interactivity on web applications. We've got the experience needed to code and re-code applications that utilize jQuery.

We utilize HTML5 to improve responsiveness and stability of web applications and to create cleaner code.

C++ Development
C++ is a general purpose programming language used for systems and software application development. For Interaria, C++ has been a great base language for developing software and adapting to newer languages.

Java Application Development
Interaria developed and coded a mobile app with code components from Java for the Android mobile wrapper. Java can be a useful coding language in application development if applied skillfully.

Oracle Database Development
Instead of using MySQL database for software, web or mobile application development, there is an option to utilize Oracle database. Oracle databases can in some cases be viewed as more robust and industrial but they are typically chosen if a client (company) already has an established relationship/contract with Oracle. If your company prefers Oracle database over MySQL database, Interaria can work with this technical framework.

Maria DB Open Source Database Software
Maria DB Open Source Database Software is a recent evolvement of MySQL. Maria DB promises improved scalability, storage and speed over MySQL. Maria DB has recently gained popularity but it is still a newcomer with a much smaller user base in comparison to MySQL.

WebScaleSQL is an interesting database development project aiming to develop greater performance to MYSQL in running it in a larger scale. Some contributions to the database have come from Meta, Google, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

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