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The Foundation of Great Software: Listen, Understand and Respect the User

We Should Never Forget the Real Person Using the Application.

User feedback has a real authentic voice that stems from users' want to share their experience with you. This is a sign that user cares to use the platform, and we need to listen and pay attention to this relationship.

It's critical that the software development process never loses its sight on real users and never forgets the audience that they truly need to please. 

We strive to get real life user feedback as immediately as possible. Listening to feedback and customer voice is not the same as delivering every request. Compassionate listening reduces objectifying the user into a distant target audience, and any opportunity to observe real users using the application and interact with them is gold to us. Learn more.

Request and Listen to Feedback

Feedback can be sourced in many ways, from surveys and feedback online forms to focus group interviews. To document UX issues, being able to observe an actual customer using the system is highly valuable.

Understand and Analyze Feedback

Feedback often comes with offered solutions. No matter how well-intended, we should only document the requests and pinpoint the issues. Then, as experts, we should come up with a solid plan how to best solve them.

Create a Plan that is not Reactive

A plan-of-action needs to be in place how a critical feedback is factored to future development. Solid planning needs to remain even under pressure to deliver quality software that creates user acceptance.

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