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APIs Can Be Tricky and Limited. We Will Put them to Full Use.

Integrating data via API may be a dependency but it can also be a business opportunity if done in a framework of a strategic partnership. We can work with any internet connected software that provides a Web services method of accessing it over the HTTP protocol via an API that adheres to either the SOAP or REST architecture. A typical feature is to integrate an existing internal back-end management systems together with a new web-based front-end user-facing system.

If your company is interested in a software application, and wants to bring some or part of that data for presentation on the web and mobile web, Interaria’s software development team can help with the API (Application Programming Interface) integration. We make sure all is done securely to keep the data integrity of both systems intact.

We are ideally requesting for the integrated API (Application Programming Interface) to have an 24/7 availability via a SOAP or REST Web services connection over HTTP, or preferably HTTPS. We also prefer to set up a test environment, with test data provided, so that we can test each feature of the API. Also, if a request is made to the API, and if there is an error, we prefer to have access to contact information for help to fix any issue.

Strategic Partnership

APIs can be open source, or private provided via strategic partnership. A good API partnership is a strategic relationship that benefits both parties equally. This enables valuable communication. In case of a SaaS business model, we want both parties to work together for the best API import experience.

Quality Assurance

Data imports via API need to go through rigorous testing and monitoring. During API development we make sure the data synced via APIs imports optimally. Testing imports with real data is always beneficial if the opportunity is available.

Monitoring & Reporting

We know that API connections may time out or have other merge issues. To catch any issues, we adhere to strict monitoring of API imports and provide API import reporting. It is important that during the system architecture planning we factor in all API connection requirements.

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