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Lessons Learned in The Software Product Development Space

A customer-need focused and disciplined product design and engineering grow results and acceptance. We stem our PDLC process from the following key points:

#1: A Thorough and Vetted Planning Reduces Cost

Engineering should only take place after the successful outcome for the software product is well-defined, and several users / personas can be described using the system in a step-by-step module.

#2: To Be Exact, but not a Stickler, is To Deliver Quality

Engineering should not be based on abstract language how the software product should look and feel and act but rather on real descriptions that outline the outcome. It is product designer’s bread and butter to translate ideas to concrete development.

#3: Changing One’s Mind Has a Human and Budget Cost

It is okay for a product or business owner to have second thoughts, but those thinking processes need to be managed and timed. Second guessing and re-prioritizing a scheduled and ongoing development distracts, creates confusion, and undermines goals. It is more positive to redirect, build upon, and add on.

#4: Quality is a Measurement Stick that Keeps Growing with Your Product

Customers are not satisfied unless they get quality. Customers are smart and demanding, they make your software product better. And once they get to know your software they will make even more demands for quality. Grow with your customer.

#5: Customers Will Recognize an MVP

A minimum viable product may be used as a short-term proof of concept. You could package it as a Beta but it still won’t stop your customers reminding you of everything that you have excluded from the software.

#6 Good Software Requires Some Good Air 

Software development is not a one-way rushed traffic directed by top-down rules by others. We need to have the space to collaborate. We cannot afford not to leverage on cross-industry knowledge and experience.


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