Author: Meri Shields

Task and Work Management Software

Software Quality Assurance: A Broader Perspective

Our quality assurance is thorough, process based, and a cross-team effort. To not only assure quality but to increase it, the software product feature goes through several layers of quality assurance. Both objective and subjective experiences are evaluated. 1) Code…

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omnichannel digital experience

Omni-channel Experience – A Circular Brand Messaging and Promise

You may have seen a concept “Omnichannel experience” recently appearing in business descriptions. What is an omnichannel (also spelled as  omni-channel) and what is the role of technology in this concept? Omnichannel experience is about connecting the dots in the consumer’s…

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UX software Dallas

The Foundation of UX Design: Empathy & Respect

Realistic expectations of the user behavior of real users is far better way to develop software than ideal personas. Unrealistic expectations regarding the user's skills and commitment to use the software can lead to UX flows that alienate real users…

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software application development

Lessons Learned in The Software Product Development Space

A customer-need focused and disciplined product design and engineering grow results and acceptance. We stem our PDLC process from the following key points: #1: A Thorough and Vetted Planning Reduces Cost
 Engineering should only take place after the successful outcome…

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Software project management

Managing the Software Development Process Under Reactive Feedback

Any responsible organization that wants to stay in business listens to its customers. The feedback comes in many formats: online reviews, support requests, emails and phone calls, face-to-face interaction, client satisfaction surveys, usage statistics... We want to know what's trending and…

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