User Credit System Applications

software application development


  • Credit Systems to Publish or Download Content
  • PHP, MySQL, Java
  • Users can buy and use credits to take action online.

Allow Users To Decide on App Usage with Credits. Track and Manage User Credits.

Your company may have a need to price-wall content or certain actions, or allow access with a credit or ticket type of system. A user may be allowed to create content such as advertise based on user credits. 

A user credit software web application may allow user to buy credits – or admin to manage and grant credits. The system can track the use of credits towards targeted actions. Notification systems and Reports can be built to keep track of all taken actions and status of credits.


Our Work:
Interaria developed a business sponsor system for a social networking and engagement company. Registered business owners or representatives can be granted credits towards advertising. The credit system calculates and tracks the use of credits.

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