User / Member Account System Applications

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  • Member Accounts management with User Login & My Account
  • PHP, MySQL, Java
  • User Account System that allows users to login securely, edit account, and admins maintain member accounts.

User Account Systems with Registration Processing, Portfolio Accounts and Robust Member Accounts Management Features. - Yes, You Can Have It All!

Interaria is an experienced user account system application developer. User accounts are typically created upon registration or during account matching and authentication. If an API is available, we can also import accounts via API.

A standardized feature of a user account is for registered members to be able to securely enter in and/or manage their personal contact information data, profile image, activity, order summary reports, and notification preferences. Users also need to be able to securely reset a username and/or password. For ease-of-use, a portfolio account with a single-sign-on (SSO) can be generated for a user that has multiple accounts in the system so that the user can manage all accounts on one platform. An improved user experience comes through enabling MFA for the account. In most cases, user should be able to deactivate their user account or unsubscribe from a service.

Interaria’s user account development services include a full production of all required elements such as brand design and integration, a user account UI and UX design, and a database developed with an integrated software code. We rigorously test all our software application systems before onboarding. A customer feedback guides us with additional rounds of development to increase user’s experience with additional features and system enhancements.a system. This contributes to user acceptance and ease-of-use.

Most systems that we’ve worked on have user accounts with My Account features.

  • We developed an extensive user account and user authentication system for an HOA communication management software company. This includes user registration and matching system, API member account import system, My Account systems with profile and notification management, and extensive Member Accounts system management features.
  • Interaria developed a user account system for Dupree Dance for their clients, dance studios, to login, register and manage participants. 
  • Interaria created a user registration and user account management system for Meet n’ Mix where members register to the website by using an online registration form or alternatively a Facebook integrated social registration system. The site was coded in PHP/MySQL.
  • Interaria provided a full a PHP/MySQL code solution for Student Loan List that connects students with donors. Registration to the site gives students the opportunity to list their student loan debt for donors, and donors to begin the donation process.
  • Interaria created a full production PHP/MySQL website for America’s Best Express where customers register and create an account and schedule a courier delivery service for their area.
  • Interaria created a PHP/MySQL registration and My Account system for To host a game or to participate, one needs to register to the site.
  • Interaria provided a full PHP/MySQL web application driven solution.
    Interaria developed and codedFishermen’s Network website where users can register and review fishing guides.
  • Interaria has developed several employee portal systems with a user account system web application for internal use by our clients.

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