Request Management System Apps


  • User Initiated Request and Processing Solutions
  • PHP, MySQL, Java
  • Admins can customize request forms and process submissions. Integrated notifications.

Your Customers Make Requests - You Process - They Get Notified. That is paperless convenience.

When it is time to make a request or apply, most users prefer doing that online rather than needing to go through a paper-based process that includes back-and-forth mailing. Additionally, most users prefer having a secure area in the application where they can follow their request or application processing, and even add notes and additional information if that is allowed by the app’s admins. Moreover, a user may be allowed to re-submit their request. Text message, email, and push notifications about each update and new content keep all parties informed. Additional features may include rule-based processing systems for admins, such as setting on how many admins need to approve the request before it is officially approved and updated to the user.

Our Work:
Interaria developed several customizable request management systems for a SaaS HOA Management platform. Admins can customize what information users need to fill in, and users can submit the requests on desktop and mobile app. Notification sending keeps users and admins informed. The systems are built in with flexibility to configure the request processing and resubmission rules based on unique needs of the case.

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