Content Management (CMS) Systems

software application development


  • Content Management System (CMS) for Users to Manage Their Own Content
  • PHP, MySQL, Java
  • Web and mobile based solutions for effective and easy management of user-created content.

Quick and Easy - User-Friendly Content Management Solutions for Member Created Content

While websites may be today mainly managed with turnkey CMS solutions such as WordPress, and intranet solutions with software such as Microsoft SharePoint, these solutions are not necessarily suitable or user-friendly for consumers who do not have prior experience on any site content management or editing.

For consumers that need to quickly add and create content, the solution needs to be straightforward and simplistic. These users need to be able to onboard the feature with no training or prior knowledge of web technologies.

As an example, a user may need to create

  • a page for fundraising,
  • a quick listing for a group,
  • a blog post in a media platform, or
  • event listing for a private party.

These content management systems must be easy-to-use while offering features that many critical users are expecting to see such as simple ways to add imaes, include video, create links, and format text content with different styles.

We can customize and create user-friendly CMS solutions for your consumer facing business model.


Our Experience:

Interaria created several content management system features for residents and managers to use in HOA engagement software. Users can independently, without any training, create web pages, image galleries, slideshows, business listings, and social media posts.

Interaria created content management system for registered users to create online dating profiles.


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