Online Form Builder & Creator Applications

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  • Credit Systems to Publish or Download Content
  • PHP, MySQL, Java
  • Users can buy and use credits to take action online.

Create Custom Online Forms, Publish them with Filling Rules, and Integrate Forms with Request Processing Systems

While there are many software programs that offer online form creation, you may have limits how you integrate these forms to your software management applications. If you cannot integrate the forms to your user accounts, you may be left with needing to import the accounts to another system or share the form with an email and process the results in another system. Our online form builder and creator solutions can be integrated with other web and mobile applications that we build, providing your users a centralized and unified user experience. Your users will appreciate not needing to bounce from one system to another but being able to conduct all their business on one platform. 

An online form builder can be developed to your custom needs. Typically, we would consider following type of system features:

  • Form field types
  • Ability to arrange form fields.
  • Field fill rules (optional or mandatory)
  • Times a user can fill a form.
  • Form results sharing
  • Form notifications with text, email, and mobile notifications
  • Customizable list of notification receivers
  • Results Reports


Our Work: 
Interaria developed several online form systems for HOA SaaS Management needs. Admins can create custom online forms and set specific rules who can fill the forms. Admins can also set form visibility, whether public, private, or link-only.
The online form systems can be integrated with other request processing systems for tracking and processing.


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