Task Management & Productivity System Applications

Task and Work Management Software


  • Work and Task Management Application for Team and User Productivity
  • PHP, MySQL, Java
  • Work scheduling and status management, notifications, and user account integrations.

Staying productive, scheduling tasks across teams, and completing work on time are key parameters in many professions. Consequently, software tools can be helpful in boosting productivity and increasing efficiencies.

While several third-party work management systems already exist, your company may have a need for a custom work & task management software application to meet with your business objectives. Here are some reasons why a custom solution may be a good fit:

  • In the case the work management system needs to integrate and sync with other features / products of your software such as document management, events management, or amenity reservation management a custom solution gives you the full control when designing the interactivity. 
  • For instance, when a document is uploaded by the user, the task can be automatically updated as done.
  • Related to the above, a work management system can be customized for admins to manage their work related to the software. As an example, an admin user can schedule tasks related to the use of app such as set reminders to upload certain content, schedule an event, share a document, or make a reservation in the system.
  • A custom solution may be handy when the task management software system needs to integrate with user accounts in the system for quick onboarding.
  • The application system can be designed for an audience that does not want to use extensive work management software solutions.
  • The company wants a full ownership of the system and an option to upsell the feature integrations.
  • The company wants to own the software and develop a SaaS model, rather than license it for internal use.


Our Experience:
Interaria developed a task management system for admins of a system to schedule and assign tasks. The work is managed and tracked with status updates, and each milestone or task is integrated to notifications.

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